Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?

Step 1: Pick your Piece! Pick any ceramic item you like. We have hundreds of shapes to choose from. There’s something for absolutely everyone! Pricing ranges between $15-$60 on average per piece plus a $10 studio fee per painter. 

Step 2: Design and Paint! Design and paint it any way you like! Relax and have fun! No experience necessary. 

Step 3: Glazing and Firing! We will glaze and fire your one-of-a-kind artwork in our kiln.

Step 4: Pick up! In about 7-10 days we will text you when your piece is finished firing and you can pick it up and take it home to enjoy

2.  Do you need a reservation?
Starting in May- No Reservations are required! We accept walk-ins daily.
3.  How much does it cost?
Studio time is $10 per painter plus the price of the piece you choose to paint!
4.  How much is the pottery?
Pottery pieces vary in price. Pricing ranges between $15-$40 on average per piece. 
5.  Do you have to be an artist?
Nope.  We have a design center with stamps, stencils, silkscreens, and more to help you create a masterpiece.  Our friendly staff is available to help you with design ideas and creating a special art piece
6.  What age do you have to be?
AGES 0 to 100 … anyone can paint;)
7.  What do you have for infants & toddlers?
Bring your babies in and we will help you stamp their hands/feet on your favorite piece and we will create a beautiful memory for you or we can show you how to create it.  We also offer Toddler Time which consist of Storytime and project to go along with it.
8.  What are your hours? (please check our website for updated hours & holidays)
Sunday:  11am-6pm
Monday-Thursday:  11am –6pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am-9pm
**PLEASE note:  We take our last painters & pick up 1  hour before we close. 7pm Weekdays and 8Pm Saturday and 5PM Sunday.
9.  How long do you keep orders?
Your pick up will be ready in 7 days.  We hold orders for 60 days.  Color Me Mine is not responsible for pottery pieces left more than 60 days.